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Representative: Elvira

Supervisor: Betty

Business: San Diego Utility Department (Wastewater|City Of San Diego)

Location: Address: 600 B ST, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 515-3500

My name is ABIR AL. My husband is in the Navy and he went on deployment for 8 months beginning in AUG12 to APR13. Came back to San Diego for couple months then went back on deployment from JUL13 to SEP13.

Due to my husband deployment I flu to Beirut Lebanon form DEC12 and came back in NOV13. I stopped the water by calling Wastewater|City of San Diego before I left.

My husband came back for couple months from deployment MAY13-JUN13 and went back for another deployment from JUL13 to SEP13. I called Wastewater|City of San Diego (from Beirut-Lebanon) to start the water for MAY13 and JUN13. Everybody knows how much time you have to waste while waiting on Wastewater|City of San Diego representative to answer the phone. That's a lot of money that I had to pay for long distance calls (The answer machine ask to leave a phone number so a rep. will call back but I can’t leave a phone number from Lebanon because Wastewater won’t call back a long distance call). In addition the call drops many times and I have to recall and wait again for another representative. After all the time and money wasting, the water starts again in our house.

When my husband came first to the house, he noticed that the water copper pipes was stolen and he couldn't use any water. He didn't fix it because he knew that he is leaving soon and he didn't want that the new copper pipes will be stolen again.

For this reason I started to call Wastewater|City of San Diego to stop the water because we cannot use it. same as before I had to pay for long distance calls and I had to wait for hours and call again after the call drops. and that's a lot of time and money waisting. I couldn't establish any communication with any Wastewater|City of San Diego representative and I rather stopped and tried to waive it until I come back to the state so I can call Wastewater|City of San Diego and fix everything.

When I came back I was shocked by the bills from Wastewater|City of San Diego. I didn't know that I had to pay $135.99 for each two months even if I didn't use any water. I called Wastewater|City of San Diego to know what is going on. ELVIRA, Wastewater|City of San Diego representative explain that this fee is mandatory even if we didn't use any water. I asked her if they can waive only the base fee. After several calls, ELVIRA asked me to send a letter that mentions that the house was vacant and my husband was on deployment. We faxed them this letter and we asked ELVIRA to explain to Wastewater|City of San Diego SUPERVISOR, BETTY, how much money and time I've wasted calling Wastewater|City of San Diego and how much money I've lost to fix my copper pipe. And after several calls and a lot of wasting time, the Wastewater|City of San Diego SUPERVISOR, BETTY refuses to waive the fee. SO today I paid $589.75 total BASE FEE that includes the CITY TREASURER without any water usage (my account shows “0” for water usage).

SO after several failed attempts I'm asking this website to help me solve this issue. My husband was on deployment to serve the country and to protect it and he came back to find out that he got rubbed by theft and by the country that he is protecting.

Monetary Loss: $590.

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